Affordable Web Hosting in Australia

There are only two affordable web hosts I’ve discovered recently and I am proud to make this my first post! The two companies are Net Virtue and Zuver.

Net Virtue

This business is actually what this website is hosted on and I chose the Sydney servers. They do have a choice of Sydney or Melbourne servers and are extremely affordable when it comes to wordpress hosting within Australia.

The server this site is hosted on is actually the economy version and they do offer an even faster solution that sits on RAID-10 hard drive. That service is only $4 more per month but if you are running heavy traffic to your site, then it would be very much worth the extra cash.

Comment: This is my preferred web hosting company and refer my clients to use them.



Zuver is actually a sister site to the VentraIP Group, however compared to VentraIP, Zuver is much cheaper than the big brother website. Why is that? Well the specs are lower, meaning you don’t get as much HDD space and Bandwidth. That doesn’t mean the servers are no good, oh no, they are fast!

Similar deal as the previous listing where you can choose from Sydney or Melbourne servers and the up-time is amazing. They only charge $24 per year and you can also have a choice of purchasing an SSL certificate within the Zuver panel.



Of course these two places offer more services than cheap hosting, but this particular article is to compile two of the cheapest hosts I’ve previously used.

One more thing! I’ve come across a free hosting previously, and although I’ve only used them for a week or so, I haven’t come across any troubles with them as yet. The website is Servers Australia and the options are very minimal, but if you’re just looking to host a simple blog that you want to share with your friends only, then I suggest you check them out. My registration was instant and once I changed the name servers, everything was ready to setup.

That’s it form me. If you found this useful or have any other hosts you want to share, then PLEASE use the comments section below. Any good ones I will check out and see if I can do a write up about them.


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